Proliferate Viable Startups Into New Markets

There are many great startups unable to enter new countries due to a multitude of reasons.

To proliferate into new markets requires more time, resources and capital than most viable startups possess.

Viable business models with proven technology need to overcome country-specific barriers in order to enter and grow.

Good ideas travel fast. Great ideas proliferate.

Holistic Solution

By partnering with original founders, Proliferate minimizes technology risk and maximizes focus on gaining traction in the target market.

We work with local talent for their experience and insight, providing sizeable equity to local co-founders and talent in order to properly align incentives and acknowledge the pivotal role execution partners play in achieving great results.

Proliferate maintains an extensive network of investors and potential execution partners. Our equity terms are based on accepted ethical models of startup investments.

There is no geographic monopoly on innovation and ideas but we tend to favour innovative technologies that addresses unmet needs and provides tangible benefits.

Proliferate Mission

Partnering With viable startups

We identify and partner with emerging companies where the original target market acceptance is highly visible and sustainable. The founding partners always retain control over their IP and work with us to adapt their offering for the target market.

Adapting Viable Technologies To New Markets

Startups with succesful business models often struggle to expand into new markets without further equity dilution or diverting management resources away from their core market. Proliferate seeks to resolve these challenges by solving the capital, cultural, legal knowledge, and local talent restraints. We target receptive markets and jointly enter with their existing technology, adapted and modified.

Executing with exceptional local talent

We implement all the work needed with hand-picked local experts, and together implement what is needed to gain traction and continued business development. Executing best practices, we merge exceptional local entrepreneurs with strong back-end platforms.

Venture Capital Returns, Private Equity Risk

Through our global network of investors, bankers, C-suite executives and incubator relationships, we deliver stragetic capital to fund growth and penetrate markets, while minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

Proliferate Approach


Focus on technologies and business models that have gained traction in original country.


Asses startup for suitability to proliferate that are unable to, due to lack of capital and cultural, legal, language and ‘boots on the ground’ execution.


Assess country viability to determine optimum markets for the startup to establish and grow.


Implement all tasks needed to gain traction in the target country, such as gaining investment and forming execution teams.


Tailor the startup in all facets in order to obtain localised market fit.


Identify and monetize additional benefits and services above and beyond what the original model would provide.



Retain ownership of your technology & IP

Remain focused on your core market

Establish strategic footholds in new markets

Joint control of the hybrid startup

Future buy-out option at a later date

Local Teams

Acquire significant equity incentives

Gain further professional experience

Turn talent into entrepreneurs

Promote your personal brand

Elevate your startup ecosystem


Invest in proven technology / platforms

Minimize time to market

Reduce technology and execution risk

Increased exit optionality with shorter exit time

Achieve significant risk adjusted returns

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