Accelerate Viable Startups Via A Tailored Program

Accelerated startups have to reach a certain point at the end of the program.

Rigid accelerator programs can't take into account startup specific variables that factor into reaching that point.

Our accelerator program is tailored to each startup's unique facets to increase the probabilities.

Great Ideas Have Potential. Great Execution Releases Potential.

Bespoke Accelerator Program

Sector-Specific Market Dynamics

Different sectors will have their own set of dynamics not shared with other sectors, so startups in different areas face their own set of unique challenges.

Bloated Programs Fill All Yet Nourish Few

Nothing wrong with one-size if it is your size, so lessons and resources need to equip startups to meet the unique challenges, rather than a one-size fits all program. Some things in the program are universal things that all must take on-board such as legal compliance, but somethings that have been put into the program to provide a holistic program may not go to the required level.

Variable Duration Program

Founders learn at a different pace, so having a carte-blanche rigid duration fails to take this into account. The amount of information given has to be balanced by taking into account how much stays in, and to adapt the pace to adhere to an optimum and acceptable level. Attainable Demo Day for one may be impossible for another, and metrics that contribue to long-term survival and growth may not be at an acceptable level.

Learn What You Need To Know

Founders may already have certain required skills at the necessary level, so there is no point to then give them lessons in that. We shall of course assess the level and make sure best practices are intrinsic when executing.

Enrol when you're ready to roll

Why wait around while others gain market share? Come to us when you are ready, for we are only interested those who will gain the most from us, and those who will gain the most for themselves.

From Startup to Finishup

The duration of the program is not the duration of the relationship we will have. You may well need to brush up on what you know, learn new things, keep yourself at the forefont, as your journey is long, which is why our door is always open for you.

Pre-Defined Calendar Events

Some events maybe of no relevance to particular startups, some events may come too soon for they do not take into account the status of a particular startup at that moment in time.

Our Accelerator Approach

Tailored accelerator program

A bespoke program tailored for each startup.

Highly selective

Startups that will benefit most from us, and the most for themselves.

Sector-specific professionals

Connect to relevant industry experts to facilitate relevant advise.

Investor Network

A vast network of experienced investors.


Mentorship from those who seek to enable you to find your own answers, and to walk your own path.

Curated talent pool

Exceptional talent pool that is available to work with startups and founders.

Work together

Additional services can be procured

Ethical equity terms

We won't be asking for your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

Made To Measure